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Erin Go Brau


Established 1989

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924 Rucker Boulevard, Enterprise, Alabama 36330
(334) 464-3317


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My grand nieces Sarena and Kristen

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K-O's Kids Through The Years


KO in Print 1992
K-O In Print ~ Pool & Billiards Magazine 1992


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K-O was founded in July of 1989 with the humble beginnings of doing exhibitions in area game rooms throughout the southeast. Pool cues (main line Meucci), cases, hand chalk, tip chalk, books, videos, magazines, tip tappers, and other supplies were offered at the shows. K-O serviced businesses such as Super Sports Arcade in Evergreen, Andalusia, Opp and Luverne, Alabama, Samson Gameroom in Samson, and River City Arcade in Geneva.

K-O bought out the Samson Gameroom from David Johnson and J.B. Slay in 1991. Housed in the combined old drugstore and barber shop, K-O moved to the now Samson Police Department building in 1993 with thanks to Mr. Waylon Ward for purchasing the building for the home of K-O.

In 1994, K-O opened a second facility in Enterprise, Alabama on College Street where the ice cream shop now exists near the courthouse. After the ceiling fell in onto the cues and supplies in the Samson K-O, it was closed. So K-O was back to one facility again.

In early 1996, K-O moved out to Park Avenue where Seitz Scientific Industries is now. Since there was a bandstand there, K-O hosted many concert, dance, and karaoke events. The place was hopping!

In April 2001 K-O relocated from the 8000 square foot building at 1931 East Park Avenue to the 5000 square foot building (old AT & T, Rent-a-Center, Polaris building) at 924 Rucker Boulevard. Come visit our new building!

K-O Billiards Club is a friendly spot to play pool and games, socialize, relax, have fun, take a break and learn about pool.

K-O Cues and Repairs is our pro shop which is located within K-O Billiards' building.

The building is a large 5000 square foot facility. It is located approximately 100 feet off of the main highway leading to and from Fort Rucker on the corner of Rucker Boulevard and Springdale Drive near Wendy's hamburgers and Morgan Square Mall.

UPDATE 08/30/2011: After 22 years in business without offering alcohol products, the economy is taking its toll on K-O's future. The process has begun to secure a license in order that K-O can offer beer and wine coolers to our customers over 21. Hopes are that this process is complete by October 1, 2011.

UPDATE 12/09/2011: K-O Billiards is now licensed for alcohol!!

UPDATE 07/29/2016: We are still "breaking" after 30 years in business! Thank YOU!

UPDATE 03/28/2020: Due to nCOVID19, Gov. Ivey mandated all non-essential businesses in Alabama close until April 17th at 5pm.

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Online Reviews
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Three tables were added in 2004. Table 6 is covered in Gorina Granito Tournament 2000 cloth, front tables 1, 3 and 5 and back tables 2, 3, 4, and 5 are covered in Simonis, front table 2 is covered in Championship World Tour Edition, and front table number 7 has Valley Invitational with Scotchguard. We sold two of the tables and are back down to 12 tables again.:
  • 4- Gandy Big G 4 1/2' x 9' Drop Pocket Tables
  • 6- Valley 1970s 3 1/2' x 7' Coin-Op Tables
  • 2- Brunswick Sports King 1950s 4 1/2' x 9' Drop Pocket Tables
    • Tables for sale
    • 1- 1898 Balke Brunswick Colender 5' x 10' Snooker Drop Pocket Table (for sale---$15k)
    • 1- 2000s Brunswick 5' x 10' Snooker Drop Pocket Table with Regulation Cushions (includes snooker cushions unattached) (for sale---$2k)
    • 1- 2000s Brunswick Anniversary Edition (for sale---$1k) (Thank you, Mike & TJ!)

The coin-op tables in back are $1 per game while one is still seventy-five cents per game. The front coin-op table is $1.00 per game (or we will open for you at hourly rate per person). The hourly rated tables are $3.00 per hour per person on all tables.

Tom KrantzJamie
Penalties: BOT (Ball Off Table) penalty is $1.00 penalty to be paid into Rockola juke box for each ball knocked off of the table. This is to train shooters to keep ball on table to avoid hitting someone or maybe knocking out someone's teeth, and not damaging the balls.
Ryan in back area of building

There is a $1.00 entry fee per person per entry. One hour minimum on all drop pocket tables. After first hour the time is broken down into five minute increments at the rate of $3.00 per hour per person.

Tip and ferrule work are performed in-house by Phyllis ~ preferably on Wednesday night, but she will help you any time, if time and crowd allows at that moment.

UPDATE: Larry passed away on November 28, 2006. The only in-house repairs offered now are tips and ferrules.

UPDATE: May 8, 2019 K-O Billiards is no longer affiliated with, nor supports, the APA.
As of October 29, 2015, the Enterprise American Poolplayers Association league pool teams play every Thursday night from 6 to around 11pm.
As of October 1, 2017, APA 8 ball was added on Wednesday nights.
The 2016 and 2017 Local Team Champions for the SW GA and SE AL league played out of K-O Billiards, winning the trip to Vegas!br>

Main line of professional custom cue offered for sale is none other than
The Standard of the Industry-MEUCCI.
K-O thanks Mr. Bob Meucci for manufacturing such a great playing custom cue!

Phyllis is Meucci certified factory direct dealer
number 575 of more than three thousand Meucci dealers...
and has been since 1989.

William David Garner of Georgia the man who holds my heart and my best friend in the whole world
My David

K-O offers an in-house warranty for repair against any manufacturing defect on any new Meucci cue for one year after purchase from K-O. If your purchase is from K-O and you would like tip freshened while at K-O, there will be no charge. This costs others $3.00.

Mike Bozeman and son JT on snooker table in front area
Mike and J.T. Bozeman
J.T. left us for boot camp on the 15th of December 2008....
he joined the Marines!!"

Support K-O by purchasing your Blue Book of Pool Cues from here
Blue Book of Pool Cues
Support K-O by always visiting from this link, please. Thank YOU!

Equipment and billiards related items offered for sale include:

Ball sets
Tip chalk
Hand chalk
Neon signs
Table covers
Crying towels
License plates
Soft cue cases
Tip repair kits
Joint protectors
Porper cue cases
Cone chalk holders
Leather burnishers

Tournaments (nine ball, eight ball, etc.) are held each Sunday at 6 o'clock when participation permits. The entry fee is $5 and the green fee is $5. Jackpot is comprised of the total entry fees.

It should not have to be said, but here goes: NO outside alcohol, NO drugs, NO weapons, NO violence or any type of altercation should be brought onto this property. It is not permitted, allowed, condoned, tolerated or welcomed on these premises. What you do before you come to K-O or after you leave is none of my business, but what you do on these premises IS my business. I make it my business.

You will love her, but be watchful of Mama Bear (Phyllis)! As the name implies, she listens to your problems with genuine concern and offers her shoulder and an ear, but when you crap in HER den she will DEFINITELY snarl, growl and bite! If you crap in her den, she will take and shovel it back at you! Otherwise, she will bend over backwards to make you feel at home and to help you.

Larry was our in-house walking-billiards-encyclopedia. If you did not truly want to know something pertaining to billiards, you should not have asked! He was very knowledgeable on this subject. Should he not have known an answer (which I doubt), you could give him a bit of time and he would find your answer. But we no longer have Larry with us. Larry kept his appointment with God on November 28, 2006. We miss him so very much. Rest in Heavenly Peace, darlin'.....

Phyllis, J.R. Goff (living legend and our hero) and my Larry
UPDATE: Our dear friend Junior Goff kept his appointment with God on April 6, 2018.
Gone but never forgotten....Rest in Heavenly Peace, Junior

Nick Varner
Eight time World Champion
Visited four days and nights in January 2009!! He played pool with anyone who wished to play with him at K-O Billiards! He autographed anything that any fan put in front of him to include cue balls, billiard balls, cue cases, pool cues and a pool table!! Nick wrote his article for the Billiards Digest March 2009 issue while visiting at K-O. We tremendously enjoyed Nick's company and he is always welcome anytime he wishes to visit with us! Thank you for the fun time, Nick! *BIG BIG hugs* There were photographs made, but were too blurry for use.

Tommy Kennedy
Trick Shot Exhibition and Challenge the Champ

J. Pechauer Southeast Open 9 Ball Tour
made a Tour stop at K-O!! 02/19/2005

Field included 33 Players

  • Winner: J.R. Rossman $600
  • Second: Tommy Kennedy $440
  • Third: T.F. Whittington $340
  • Fourth: John Tedder $240
  • Fifth/Sixth Ashley Butler and Joey Tucker $140

  • Highest Lady Finisher not in money: Dolores Glymp
  • Highest Junior Finisher not in money: Channing Spivey
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Tommy Kennedy
Trick Shot Exhibition and Challenge the Champ

J. Pechauer Southeast Open 9 Ball Tour
kicked off the 2005-2006 Tour Season
with the first stop at K-O
on Saturday 05/14/2005 and Sunday 05/15/2005

  • Winner: Ron Park $650
  • Second: Scotty Townsend $385
  • Third: George Rothrock $270
  • Fourth: Tommy Kennedy $200
  • Highest Junior Finisher not in money: Denney Singletary
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Congratulations to all!!
And thank you for joining us for our tournaments!
I would also like to thank Tommy and Denise Kennedy!
They are great people! They are welcome to visit with us anytime!

Tommy Kennedy and Owner of KO Phyllis J K OwensTommy Kennedy and Lawrence J Krebs

Third Place Finisher, Mr. T. F. Whittington and Owner of K-O, Phyllis J. K. Owens
Mr T F Whittington

While in the area, visit our world famous (*giggles*) Bollweevil Monument.
Ft. Rucker houses a wonderful Army Aviation Museum which is a site to behold.

If you have family roots in the area,
the Pea River Historical and Genealogical Society
has a wonderful
Pea River History Library and Gift Shoppe and
PRHGS Museum.

There are two cyber cafe/coffee houses in our area also.

The closest motels to K-O are the Budget Inn, Comfort Inn and Ramada Inn.
There is also a Holiday Inn Express about two miles from K-O.

For dining purposes and excellent food, I recommend
Cutts Restaurant

Larry's Bar-B-Que

There is a WalMart supercenter within a mile of K-O with two malls between K-O and WalMart.
Enterprise is home of many specialty shops and antique dealers.


I miss you so very much, my verbal sparring partner
Phyllis & Larry

Established: 1989
Owned by: Phyllis J. K. Owens since 1989
Supported by: ALL of my WONDERFUL CUSTOMERS!

My Pride and Joy


1898 Brunswick Balke Collender 5' x 10' Snooker Table
For Sale $15000
Also, I have a newer 5' x 10' Brunswick Snooker Table with Regulation Cushions installed for $2000 (includes unattached snooker cushions)

Email K-O


The entire collection of the 13 Snap magazines can sell for as high as $1500.
The Volume 1 Number 4 issue referred to as the Brian Atchley issue goes for as much as $150.
I have some Snaps in one of my safe deposit boxes. I will entertain offers.....might not accept them, but will be glad to listen to see if I am interested in what you might offer for one of them.


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K-O Billiards

K-O Billiards
K-O Cues and Repairs
924 Rucker Boulevard
Enterprise, Alabama 36330
Phone: 334-464-3317 or 334-400-4854
Text: 334-464-3317
Emergency: Phyllis 334-464-3317 or 334-347-7121 or David 334-400-4854 or text 334-464-3317
Email: K-O Billiards Email

My Personal Heroine "LoreeJon Hasson"

®Created by Phyllis Jeannae Kwanja Owens
June 7th, 1999
Last Modified April 14, 2020

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